Create Account


In case the user enters the application for the first time, it is necessary to create an account by registering it in the system. By clicking on the “Sign up here” link, fills in the e-mail address, the Type of Company, if it is for a Company Client or a Transportation Company. Then, he presses  the “register” button.He receives an email with the username that he has stated and follows the link to declare his password.

By typing these items, he can enter the application.

User Login

User enters the application by typing the e-mail and password.

The password is retrieved if the user has already registered but has forgotten the password by clicking on the link “Forgot your password?”. There, he type his e-mail and by pressing the “Reset Password” button, he receives an e-mail with a link included and the new code is entered.

Create a profile


After entering the platform, he completes these details.

  • Commercial / Trade company 
  • Company distinctive title 
  • Name of contact person 
  • Contact number 
  • Country 
  • TAX registration number 
  • Articles of association 
  • CMR Policy

 If he wants to change his password, he fills in the fields “New password” and “Confirm New Password“.

Finally, he selects the “Update” button.

Then, once the data is verified by the system administrators, the user receives an e-mail message upon activation.

Finally, he can use the application with his data.


The platform member has the ability to fill in a cargo.

He selects ‘new cargo’. Here he chooses between “Ground“, “Air” and “Sea” the type of transport.

He chooses «Next».

He fills in the country of origin of the cargo, the city and the zip.

He chooses «Next».

He fills in the country, city, and zip of cargo destination.

He chooses «Next».

He fillis in the departure and arrival date.

He chooses «Next».

He chooses the type of goods among general merchandise, temperature control, abnormal.

He chooses «Next».

He chooses the type of truck among vantautlinerboxopenjumbo trailermega trailer.

He chooses «Next».

He chooses the transport package among palletscartonsotherpal exchangeindustrial pal 120×100.


He chooses «Next».

He fills in the package dimensions.

Weight, Length and checks the button if for partial cargo load.

He chooses «Next».

He checks if it is a Hazardus Package.

He chooses «Next».

Finally, he presses the button «ADD CARGO”.

So, he creates a list showing all the cargos. By clicking on each one, all information is displayed in detail and whether there is an offer from a carrier, as well.



 After logging in to his account, he can see a list of the available cargos. By choosing what he wants, he can bid and submit an offer.

Then, after some procedures followed and through communication with CFS Hellas, the shipment of cargo is routed.