The following Terms of Use and Transactions govern the use of the website https://cfshellas.gr (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), its content in general, as well as the services provided by the company named Cargo & Freight Services Ltd. (“CFS”, “we”, “us”) through the Website. Please read the Terms of Use and Transactions carefully before signing up for our Services. We also strongly encourage you to regularly review the Terms of Use for any updates or amendments. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, please DO NOT REGISTER for our Services and DO NOT use the Website. 

  1. Where the terms “the company” or “the provider” or “the intermediary” are mentioned, this means the Limited Liability Company under the name Cargo & Freight Services Ltd., which is located in Thessaloniki, 26is Oktovriou Street, number 90, Postal Code GR-54628, tel. No. +30 2310 520 006, e-mail info@cfs-hellas.gr, GEMI [General Register] No. 137656106000, VAT number 800707787, member of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and where the terms “website” or “platform” or “website-platform” are used, this means the software owned by Cargo & Freight Services Ltd., hosted at https://cfshellas.gr.
  2. Where the term “user” is mentioned, this means the subscriber – registered user of the website – platform, a natural or legal person.
  3. Where the term “cargo” is mentioned, this means the offer or search or exchange of a contract of carriage.
  4. Where the terms “carrier” or “supplier” or “agent” are used, this means the person undertaking the transport operation.
  5. Where the terms “our services” or “platform services” or “website services” are used, this means the assignment of a freight transfer to the company or the supply of a truck to the company or the signing of contracts between the users and the website – platform.
  6. Where the terms “Terms of Use and Transactions”, or “Terms of Use”, or “Appendix” or “within”, this means this text where all terms and conditions of use of the Website are described in detail, as well as the obligations and rights deriving from such use. Therefore, the agreement between the company and the users completely binds the parties. No amendment to the agreement will be valid, unless it is incorporated in this text. This is governed by and supplemented by Greek, EU and international legislation. However, if any provision of this text conflicts with any provision of the law, it becomes invalid, however without affecting the validity of the other provisions and the agreement in general.



 You need to be over 18 years of age to use our website and our services. You must provide complete, true, accurate, and valid information upon registration, as well as keep all information up to date (when any amendment occurs) throughout the use of the platform.


  Registration is completed by filling in the details of the natural or legal person. During the registration process and before it is completed, the prospective users need to upload the following supporting documents to the website.

ⅰ. For a natural or legal person offering cargo:

  1. a) Commercial company b) Company name c) VAT number d) Country e) Company statutes f) Contact telephone number g) Name of contact person h) VAT periodic payments

ⅰⅰ. In the case of a natural or legal person offering a truck:

(a) commercial company (b) company name (c) VAT number (d) country (e) company statutes (f) contact telephone number (g) name of contact person (h) VAT periodic payments (i) transportation license (j) insurance contract (k) CMR



 Users are responsible for the validity of the information they provide to the site and for the protection of privacy of their User Name and Password. For any unauthorized use, user members need to notify the company immediately. The company is not responsible towards anyone regarding the validity and correctness of the data provided by the users. The company is not responsible for any inaccuracy, misstatement, falsification, or forgery of the above documents. In the case of the registration of a legal entity as a user, the name of the contact person and the full name of the legal person must be both stated. In the event of an amendment in the data, the user need to inform immediately the person responsible for data processing regarding the new data and/or to correct their updated data in their electronic account when this becomes possible.



By registering on the platform, the user accepts unconditionally the terms of use described in this appendix, provides consent for the procedures of the website and gives their consent as described in detail below (Section B – Privacy Policy and GDPR). The terms of the website-platform, as described in this appendix, are non-negotiable. The company reserves the right to modify the terms without notice. For this reason, it is recommended that users review the terms at regular intervals. User consent to the modified terms is considered as a given in case the users do not express immediately their opposing opinion and at the latest within one (1) month of the amendment. On the other hand, the terms and obligations that the user may have set for their contracting parties are not binding for the company, even if the company does not expressly oppose the terms.



 The services provided on this website-platform are the assignment of a cargo transfer to the company or the supply of a truck to the company, i.e. the signing of contracts between the users and the website-platform. The cargo offered to be transported and the trucks to be contracted by the company must be insured. In case of damage, the company does not have to pay any compensation to a user or other person.



 Users are required to use the website – platform in accordance with user principles, business ethics and bona fide. The use of the website-platform must not be in conflict with Greek or EU legislation, nor with the relevant International Treaties. The company, the website-platform owner, is not responsible for any breach of obligations or for any misconduct between users, the full responsibility of which lies on the user. The company has the right to cease the access of users to the website – platform in the event of a breach of the present terms, moral rights, commercial morals, bona fide, as well as Greek and EU law and relevant International Treaties.



 In the event that the company realizes there is a user violation of this document or the company receives a complaint from another user for the non-execution of a contract that was agreed upon via the website-platform, the company then notifies the user concerned regarding the violation or protest and invites them to submit their views within five (5) days of the notification from the company to the user. If the above deadline passes or the company considers that the user is at fault, the company reserves the right to remove the user from the website and/or to take legal action against the user. In the event of a removal of a user, the transport price that was paid (for providers of cargo) is not reimbursed to the user, nor is the agreed transport price paid (for suppliers of trucks or carriers).



 For any dispute between the company and a user the competent courts are the courts of Thessaloniki, and the applicable law is Greek law.



 Registration and use of the website-platform is free of charge. The right to use is non-transferable and unenforceable.



Any direct communication between the users, i.e. bypassing the platform, is explicitly forbidden after signing a transport contract or after executing a transport contract, even for other transports that might occur in the future. I.e. the company hereby sets a non-competition clause for all platform users, meaning its counterparties, and users accept it unconditionally once they become counterparties, meanign by their registration on the website. This clause creates an obligation for each user to avoid any kind of competitive activity against the company. Indicatively, each user is required to avoid the following: conducting individual competing actions at the expense of the company, exploiting, for their sole benefit, or for the benefit of a third party, and at the expense of the company, of any information received from or through the company, using the company’s clientele, that is to say other users of the platform, for whom the user was directly or indirectly informed through the website. Any attempt to bypass the platform, however indirect, is considered as a breach of the clause. In the event of a breach of this term, the company is entitled to compensation from each of the parties, which will be jointly liable. Users are required to inform the company, owner of the website-platform, in the case that they encounter a breach or attempted breach of the above clause by any user. Otherwise, as mentioned above, both will be held jointly liable.





 The website is in accordance with (EU) Regulation 2016/697 (GDPR) and the person responsible for data processing is: Magdalini Papadopoulou, tel.: 2310520006, email: transport.cfs@gmail.com.



By signing up, the user accepts the terms stated herein, explicitely consenting to the collection, storage and processing of their personal data. The user accepts that the processing of their personal data is necessary for the provision of services by the company, as well as for the conclusion and execution of contracts between the users. The user needs to provide accurate, valid, complete data as required in Section A, Paragraph 3 of this document. Documents that are valid for a limited period of time should be renewed and uploaded to the website as soon as possible.



 The above personal data is stored throughout the use of the website by the user, as well as for a period of six (6) months from the termination of any use of the website-platform by the user, or the termination of the provision of services from the company.



 Every user reserves the right to be properly informed regarding the processing of the data the user has provided to the company, the right of their unobstructed access to their data, the right to correct their data immediately when the latter are wrong, the right to delete their data whenever the user wishes to do so, and the right to transfer their data when they wish to do so, as well as the right to object when they consider that their data are being used improperly. The user may implement any of the above rights by sending an email to the person responsible for data processing.



The above personal data is not visible to other users. The user bears the sole responsibility for the truth, accuracy and validity of the data they declare.



 Upon the registration application, the user agrees explicitly to a solvency check by the company. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept non-solvent potential users as users-subscribers; the company will, of course, inform any competent authorities if the company becomes aware of this in order to avoid any illegal activity.



 The user may withdraw the consent for the collection, storage, and processing of data at any time by submitting a statement to the e-mail address of the person responsible for data processing, accompanied by a confirmatory telephone call on behalf of the user. Any statement of the withdrawal of the user’s consent results in the automatic termination of the agreement between the company and the user and the termination of service on behalf of the company. In the event of the withdrawal of a user’s consent, the user explicitly and unconditionally states that they are not entitled to a refund (if any), even if their subscription has not expired.



 The company does not send any user data in any way to any third party unless it is necessary to complete and execute the transport contracts and only to the extent necessary. The company collects and stores these data solely for communication, service, contract and customer management purposes. The company may e-mail commercial proposals egarding available cargo or trucks, unless you explicitly state your refusal when registering.



 The website may use cookies, sessions, and plugins. Upon registration, the user explicitly states that they consents to their use.



 By signing up, each user accepts the e-mailing of a newsletter aimed to inform the user regarding services, offers, etc. If a user does not consent to receiving these promotional messages, they should explicitly state their opposition, via email, to the person responsible for data processing.



 By registering, the user consents to the processing of the data collected by the company for statistical purposes through Google Analytics and AdWords.



User data is stored and used within the European Union. The company makes every effort and takes any necessary measures, to the extent possible, to protect each user’s data.



 The company is not responsible for any external links – portals that appear on the website – platform, regarding their content, the information displayed therein and the terms of use.


  1. Information (images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, services, etc.) published on the website are the property of the company and its representatives and are protected by Greek, EU, and international copyright law. In the case that the company’s copyright and other exclusive rights are violated, the company is legally entitled to take any lawful action in accordance with the applicable law. The names “transportcfs”, “Cargo Management Platform – CFS”, and other brands appearing on the https://cfshellas.gr are trademarks of Cargo & Freight Services LTD. Consequently, users accept that the reproduction, copying, sale, exploitation, and general use in any way, even in part, of the content of the website is expressly prohibited.
  1. Trademarks of Cargo & Freight Services Ltd. may not be used in any way without the company’s permission. CFSHellas.gr software is the intellectual property of Cargo & Freight Services Ltd., patent filed. The user is not entitled to use the software and the information mentioned on the website in any way other than the purposes and ways defined herein. Any other products or business names mentioned herein may possibly be trademarks of their respective owners.